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There are a number of steps required by DMV in order to finalize your Lien....
Don't worry, we have it covered!
We will assign a Sale Date and send you a Lien Sale Packet in the mail within 20 Days. 
This packet can be used to Sell or Register the Vehicle/Boat after the Sale Date. 

DMV Required Processing Time: 30-40 Days
If you are contacted by the Registered or Legal Owner, please contact us immediately.
You are required to release the vehicle/boat to the Registered or Legal Owner, if the Lien Sale is paid in full. Once you accept payment (even partial payment) the lien sale is invalidated.
Make sure the vehicle/boat is in a secure location (behind a gate/in a garage) or secured by chain or boot. If the Legal/Registered owner removes the vehicle/boat from your property the lien sale is invalidated.

Thank You for Your Business! 

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