We value your business and strive to limit the amount of add-on fees for our services.

DMV Oppositions - $25.00 Per Hour 
Occasionally DMV will oppose a lien sale request due to a number of reasons; Registered or Legal Owner Opposes the Lien Sale, FPO/NPO, DOJ, Property Tax Lien, pending lien sale on file, etc. 

Non-California Title Search $60.00
If there is a valid reason to request a previous owner or vehicle/vessel identification information, additional fees may apply.

Duplicate Copies / Reprint Paperwork $30.00

Newspaper Ad 

If approved by the DMV to set a sale date, the lienholder is required to post an Ad in the Newspaper. We will handle this process for you, but charge a processing fee + the cost of the Newspaper Ad. This cost will be billed to you prior to posting the ad. 
This applies to "Vehicles Valued - Over $4,000.00" & "Boat & Trailers - All Values" 
​Individual - $90.00
Industry Business - $70.00
Towing - $50.00