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What information is necessary from the vehicle in order to process a lien?

You need to obtain the vehicle identification number, VIN # which can be found on the front dashboard, near the window post on the drivers size or on drivers door frame, there is a federal sticker that has the VIN # year and make of the vehicle. VIN #’s are typically 17 digits.

You need to provide the storage start date, which typically would be the date the vehicle was abandoned, towed or repairs completed. We will also ask for your daily storage fee, the total repair fees, and tow fees. There fees are required by DMV in order to establish your lien. There are many factors in determining the value of the vehicle or vessel. As an Agent we can help you with this. 

We process vehicle and vessel liens so you don't have to.

Contact us today @ 858.634.0025 or

Let us save you time and money.

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