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If you chose the Pay Now option:

Thank you for your payment. You will receive a receipt via email and we will start processing your paperwork shortly. 

If you chose the Invoice option*:

We will send you an invoice via email within 24 hours.

Once payment is received, we will process you paperwork. 

*Does not apply to customers with a credit card on file or negotiated billing terms.  

Please Note: 
- You are required to release the vehicle/boat to the Registered or Legal Owner, if the Lien Sale is paid in full.
- Once you accept payment (even partial payment) the lien sale is invalidated. 
- Make sure the vehicle/boat is in a secure location (behind a gate/in a garage) or secured by chain or boot.
- If the Legal/Registered owner removes the vehicle/boat from your property the lien sale is invalidated.
- It's illegal to drive on the road without proof of registration. Your vehicle/boat will be impounded. 
- Verification required? Bring Vehicle Verification Form or Boat Verification Form to DMV. Request a 1-day moving permit from DMV. 

More Information:


- FAQ 

- Terms & Conditions 


Under $4,000.00

Industry Business - $65

Tow Company - $30

minimum 10 / per month

Over $4,000.00


Industry Business - $110

Tow Company - $75

minimum 10 / per month



Industry Business - $110

Tow Company - $75

minimum 10 / per month

Industry Businesses Include: Auto Body Shops, Repair Shops, Storage Facilities, Parking Lots, Automotive Related Businesses, etc.

Please note: We only process Lien Sale paperwork for businesses

We value your business and strive to limit the amount of add-on fees for our services. However, please note we may need to charge Additional Fees in order to properly complete the lien sale paperwork in certain circumstances. 

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